The main Council meeting is held every third Thursday of the month and other Committees meet less frequently dealing with Planning applications, Councils’ Land & Buildings, Personnel and Audit matters.

All meetings are open to the Public.

All meetings are held at 7pm unless otherwise stated.

 List of Meetings 2020/2021


Ordinary and Extraodinary Council

Minutes 2018-March 2019 (PDF)

Minutes 2019-March 2020 (PDF)


Finance, planning and General Purposes

Agenda and Minutes 2018- March 2019 (PDF)

Agenda and Minutes 2019-March 2020 (PDF)


Land and Buildings Committee


Notes of Working Group Meetings

13th July 2020 (PDF)

27th August 2020 (PDF)

24th September 2020 (PDF)

7th October 2020 (PDF)


Register of Members Interest

Declared in Meetings 2018/19 (PDF)

Declared in Meetings 2019/20 (PDF)


Declared in Meetings 2020/2021 (PDF) 

03/12/2020 (PDF)

21/01/2021 (PDF)