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Work is progressing at the Bowling Green Pavillion. A  new door opening has been built between the main room and storage room. A new functional kitchen has been installed and the inside has had a fresh coat of paint.





Menai Bridge Town Council wish to dismiss any concerns regarding rumoured plans for the Bowling Green Park on Beach Road. The only plans for the Bowling Green Park on Beach Road, Menai Bridge are for the area to be refurbished, improved and made Covid compliant.

Menai Bridge Town Council and its functions

Members of Menai Bridge Town Council, are continuing to work to represent the local community. Recent action has been focussed on improving facilities in the town to enhance the quality of life and community well being post COVID-19. Among the services and amenities a town council most commonly provide are village halls; playing fields and some public spaces. The town council are in the process of refurbishing the bowling green pavillion building.  The pavillion at present is not Covid compliant; one example is that  the windows in the building have no openings.  The pavillion will be refurbished and modernised to enable a wide range of organisations within the community  to use this much envied facility. Menai Bridge Bowling Club have use of the bowling green lawn and pavilion 6 months of the year, however the pavilion must be used to its full potential throughout the year. This community space needs to be utilised for twelve months of the  year, to enable this the town council are also proactively exploring having an appropriate form of heating installed. To enable this facility to be used by other community groups it has necessitated some adjustments to the previous arrangements enjoyed by Menai Bridge Bowling Club. A fair and reasonable arrangement has been offered to the bowling club. Menai Bridge Bowling Club members will have the benefit, as will other community groups, of using a newly refurbished and welcoming pavilion building; when restrictions are lifted.

The Bowling Green Park

The bowling lawn is situated in a public park; unlike many other bowling lawns on the island which are stand alone. The park is open to the community/public who enjoy playing bowls, having picnics or just chatting in the evening sun. It is a well used park by residents and visitors alike; mainly because of its location on the Menai Strait.

The Lease and ‘Licence to Occupy’

Menai Bridge Town council acknowledge that some time has lapsed since the previous Licence to Occupy expired, but at no time has Menai Bridge Bowling Club ever been prohibited from using the bowling green, unless COVID restrictions meant that this was necessary. Indeed they have had exclusive occupancy of the pavillion. The previous lease was terminated by Menai Bridge Bowling Club, in  2014. The then secretary of the bowling club gave Menai Bridge Town Council six months notice to terminate the lease.  The lease was terminated by Menai Bridge Bowling Club because Isle of Anglesey County Council were closing many of their public conveniences across the island. Bowling clubs cannot compete in leagues unless players have toilets available at the ground. Menai Bridge Town Council  intervened  and for this reason, the bowlers were able to return to Menai Bridge to play bowls.